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(Above) the Crank Shaft and (Left) the Bottom Bracket are machined by Gordon Carlson from solid steel and a casting.  The Crank Shaft was built-up in sections and press-fit together. The Bottom Bracket is machined from the largest casting offered for this Shay by LocoGear.  The lower two photos show the Bottom Bracket assembly upside down for clarity.

Eccentric strap "castings" machined in bronze by Richard Scherbinski ready to silver solder together.

This crankshaft is machined out of a solid block of 4140 steel by Gifford Gray. The counterweights are integral. The eccentrics are made in clusters and shrunk on. The center eccentric is split and bolted on. The journals and pins are larger than scale to be more stiff in a small lathe.

Engine section completed by Gordon Carlson.  Top and bottom photos show engine section fully assembled and painted.  Center photo shows unpainted engine section.

Crossheads, Connecting Rods and bearings by Al Vangura.

Grinding Crank Shaft from one solid piece of steel by Al Vangura.